“It’s all very simple”

The author’s book  2024

It’s all very simple.
When the sea floods the sky
And the sky enters one man
His soul will be rain.

Everything is quite simple.
When the sea enters our city
And the city emerges of a person 
That man will be a fish.

Everything is quite simple,
When the sea covers the land
And stones learn to swim like fish
A person will be a stone.

Everything is very simple.
And when the sea disappears altogether,
And when the sea suddenly returns,
And when the sea cools the sun,
I will step out of your heart
And your soul will be alone.

The book draws inspiration from the poetry of the talented Siberian poetess, Yulia Batalyova. In a sense, the illustrations within this book mirror my personal existential tragedy — a disillusionment infused with an awareness of the human nature. Within them, I inhabit my own interpretation of the «unbearable lightness of being,» portraying it through the theme of profound emotions and endowing it with my own depictions of nature, the sea, the sky, and, most importantly, their connection to the human soul.

Man is an element.

This poem has always sparked a fountain of images and an incredible resonance within me. I believe it encapsulates an immensely crucial theme — the questions of «eternity»: love, existence, and inevitability.