Graphic  2023

This series of paintings explores the phenomenon of personal fragmentation – an explosion in which numerous small particles scatter chaotically in space. Throughout this creative exploration, the primary focus is on self-acceptance and embracing all the constituent parts of one’s personality.

Frequently, we discover that the external world surrounding us and the internal world we experience represent two different dimensions. The «Acceptance» series encourages us to regard the inner world as a multitude of unique and intriguing aspects of personality that, like particles after an explosion, disperse in various directions.

An important aspect of these works is the idea of accepting oneself as a whole – with all its parts and facets. It extends an invitation to consciously perceive and embrace the diversity that shapes our uniqueness. In the embrace of this internal chaos, we find not only interest but also safety, as it is through accepting each particle of ourselves that we attain the completeness of our being.