Artist Statement

Hello, I’m Ksenia. My life and my art constitute an ongoing quest for discovery. I don’t aspire to consistently convey a specific message to the viewer; that has never been my primary focus. My paintings and everything I create are manifestations of my feelings, a perspective on the world, and questions about it.

Sincerity is the foundation. I aim for each of my creations to engage with the viewer like an infinite song, carrying echoes of my emotions, hopes, dreams, and experiences. I want my images to be honest, to breathe, even if they are not universally understood or appreciated because the creative journey is a route of constant revelations, and art itself is a reflection of the soul. Art embodies perspectives on the surrounding world, posing questions for which, everyone finds their own answers.

Since childhood, I’ve felt a profound connection with nature, finding inspiration in it, whether through walks in the woods or observing the changing seasons. I believed that in every tree, in every breeze, something magical was hidden, waiting to be discovered. Once, I decided to capture various states of the ocean—not just a portrait but its essence, its spirit. I wanted people, looking at these paintings, to peer into its very heart. I believe oceans are more than just blue expanses; they are a metaphor for humanity’s endless pursuit of depth, diversity, and changeability.

I’m also a musician. From early childhood, both music and visual art played significant roles in my life. Music helps me explore aspects of my consciousness that might otherwise remain hidden and sometimes becomes an active participant in the artistic process.

The creative path of every artist is marked by evolution and reconsideration. In my earlier works, up until the beginning of 2022, vibrant and vivid colours dominated—each canvas literally breathed with life and energy. My love for vibrant palettes remains within me, but something has changed within me since then. Undoubtedly, the recent war, repatriation to Israel, and another war had a profound impact on me, but even before that, I struggled with severe depression. All of this has altered and filled me with new meanings. I have rediscovered a new person within myself.

I believe it’s crucial not to close oneself off from the multifaceted nature of human existence, not to fear deep emotions and upheavals, where life is an endless process of seeking beauty in the ordinary.