Video art / performance 2023

Video art showcases the interaction of two pivotal elements: how we feel (what I call the ‘self’) and the external world surrounding us — the pottery. This dialogue raises inquiries about how society impacts us, how we deal with ourselves, and why expressing our feelings is significant.

Interferences» depict the conflict between societal expectations and the desire for self-expression. Each shattered piece of pottery serves as a symbol, illustrating the multitude of emotions we often restrain, yet which may inconveniently surface. It’s a reminder of the peril of suppressing anger, fear, and other challenging emotions that, if kept within, can harm both our internal and external worlds.

Every action in the video holds its own meaning. The process of destruction and attempts to halt it isn’t solely about ridding oneself of emotions, but about showcasing our diversity and the importance of understanding and respecting others’ feelings. Perhaps when the pottery breaks, it signifies the opportunity for a fresh start and a return to life after a difficult period?