Performance  2019

The idea of the performance is to immerse oneself in their own internal space through art and movement, to feel oneself and one’s body, to break free from self-limitations, and to perceive art as a means of self-expression rather than a demonstration of professional skills.

Another important aspect is the idea of collaborative creativity and interaction as a process of exploring one’s own and others’ boundaries. In the performance, where each person can feel their body and express their sensations, a special atmosphere of mutual understanding and interaction is created. This shared creativity fosters a connection among participants and helps them feel like part of a collective. Everyone shares a common experience of the creative act, allowing each person to feel involved and significant in the process. In this atmosphere of unity, a connection is formed between people.

The performance was conducted several times, and during one of them, I created an abstract colourful canvas. Later, it was exhibited in several art shows.

«Colorization» is a journey inward, both within oneself and within art, urging for free self-expression and inspiring everyone to engage in deeper interactions with the surrounding world and with each other.