installation  2023

This work encourages us to reflect on how, like a tree without roots, we can feel disconnected from our origins and how the living nature within us can flourish even in the most adverse conditions.  This is a visual poem about lost connections, hope and the fact that even without roots, the soul can remain alive and blooming.

The tree itself seems captive, but its branches rose up to the sky, as if striving for the endless expanses of the imagination, and the leaves, alive and green, attached to it create a feeling of hope and the possibility of rebirth.  They are like singing souls, giving drops of life to this dead trunk and reminding that even in the most difficult moments there is room for new beginnings and green shoots.

The transparent mesh surrounding the tree and its leaves gives the impression that it is eternally locked in its state of separation.  An important lesson can be seen in this: we often create barriers around ourselves, but even through these restrictions we can feel the fresh wind and rays of the sun.