Multisensory Auditory Object  2022

The exhibition features a spherical object stylized as an «earth globe,» suspended and secured from both sides in the air, creating the impression of its fixation in space. Surrounding the object on both sides are installed sound speakers, as the key idea is to allow viewers to touch the sphere, producing sounds depending on the strength and intensity of the touch. The word «Touch» is displayed on the upper part of the exhibition.

Various sound effects were utilized in the acoustic arsenal: gentle ocean waves, wind with delicate ambient noise, phrases from the President of Russia such as «It’s just beginning» and «It’s not a rubber butt,» as well as sounds of explosions and war. A piezoelectric sensor was attached to the object, registering vibrations from touches, thereby triggering various sound reactions depending on the force of the touch.

Interestingly, by the end of the exhibition’s opening day, the sphere began to lose its shape, a result of the active engagement of the viewers. Initially cautious in their exploration, the audience gradually transitioned to more vigorous touches. An analogy can be drawn between the earth globe and a punching bag in their perception.