2022 / Exhibition "Presence" curatorial project

Together with the artist Maria Kutuzova, the project «Presence» was implemented, showcasing distortions of reality and the impact of the 2022 war on ourselves. Despite being at a significant distance from the war for eight months, unable to overcome its allure, we decided to document its consequences. The exhibition-intervention is a collection of artifacts and testimonies from those who are aware of and resist this destructive influence.

Within the project, works from 17 creators, 4 musical groups, and 3 poets were collected. Additionally, a lecture on neo-feudalism and a screening of original films were organized. The exhibition offers a multi-layered exploration of the issues surrounding war and its aftermath through various mediums that directly or indirectly reflect diverse assessments of the current state of war events.
The exhibition’s concept emphasizes that war distorts everything it touches, including thoughts, values, cities, countries, the ordinariness of the present, and the images of the future. Recognizing the changes brought about by war allows us to adopt a position of «presence,» in which we can openly perceive and reflect on what is happening, drawing on our life experiences and knowledge. This collective expression of a single event through «Presences» enables us to form an understanding of the prevailing impacts of war on us.
Our exhibition does not turn a blind eye to the vulnerability of each of us before war and unites us in our awareness of this fact.