Blue – Yellow

Performance  2022

The performance serves as a metaphor for the unfolding military actions in Ukraine, where the process itself becomes an intense and symbolic experience of war. It is not only an act of artistic creation but also an act of therapy.

I used my body, paints, and an entirely white room to create a vivid visual representation of the chaos and destruction accompanying war. This is my immersion into the psychological-emotional aspect of war, where I explore how it changes not only the surrounding environment but also people, subjecting them to physical and emotional impact. And how it changes me.

During the performance, I smear and splatter the walls, making a mess, spreading paint, creating chaos. Clean and vibrant colors remain visible in some places, while in others, they blend, creating a sense of dirt. This action symbolizes chaos and destruction. By the end, the white room transforms into a battlefield. But in my rendition, it becomes a beautiful battlefield. Even the cleanest and most innocent places can undergo destruction as a result of war.

The performance prompts reflection on how war affects people and the environment, transforming normal, clean conditions into chaos and destruction. Here, I silently speak about the pain I experience and its transformation under the influence of the horrors of conflict.